1. General conditions

1.1. By subscribing to a service on Virtual4Host, the customer accepts all the points mentioned in this document, representing all the minimum conditions for the provision of services by Virtual4Host.

1.2. Virtual4Host is in the right to change this document without prior notice, and it is up to the client to verify this terms. The changes will be, whenever possible, notified via digital means or by updating the final date in this document.

1.3. We may also provide the costumer's data for legal purposes if it is requested by competent authorities and legally registered.

1.4. If you do not comply with the terms in this document, it may result in the cancellation and termination, in whole or in part of the services associated with the client.

1.5. In case of any service be detrimental to the proper performance of the services provided, Virtual4Host is entitled to suspend / terminate the service without prior notice.

1.6. All Virtual4Host service renewal invoices are automatically generated 7 days before expiration. The customer will receive an email with the invoice, and it is their responsibility to renew their service.

1.7. If the customer does not pay for his service on time, his service will be suspended after one day of the invoice's due date, after 3 days his service will be terminated. Virtual4Host is not responsible if the customer does not pay on time and if we close the server together with his data. Any invoice that is past due, an additional fee of 15% will be added to the invoice. The invoice will be due after 1 day of the server renewal date.

1.8. We ask all of our customers to contact us before disputing a payment through PayPal or their bank. This is because, as soon as a dispute is created, the service will automatically be suspended and closed later if the case is not resolved. Any attempt (s) to make fraud against Virtual4Host will be taken very seriously and investigated.

1.9. Virtual4Host is not responsible for the backup of its customers data, unless the customer has configured backups using our services panel.

1.10. In services whose CPU, RAM and/or Disk are unlimited, the customer must use them responsibly, in case of abuse, the service will be suspended.

2. Web Hosting

2.1. The hosting of illegal content and/or related to pedophilia, racism, terrorism or hacking is expressly forbidden.

2.2. Virtual4Host eserves the right to assign to the customer additional charges for any consumption of traffic, space, CPU or memory that may arise from the incorrect use of the service or lack of responsibility in the use of the service.

2.3. You can not use shared hosting services as a storage device for backups.

2.4. Virtual4Host reserves the right to remove and/or cancel automatic backup of accounts that exceed the stipulated space limits.

3. Backups

3.1. In the event of termination of the service, the respective backups will be permanently deleted.

3.2. Virtual4Host makes local and remotely backups of all of the web hosting on a daily basis and is the responsibility of the client to make their own backups.

3.3. Virtual4Host retains the right not to provide Teamspeak backups or any other type of service.

3.4. Virtual4Host does not back up TeamSpeak3 and Game Servers, if the customer wants daily backups contact support.

3.5. Automatic backups will only be processed on web hosting accounts that do not exceed 20GB of space.

3.6. If the service is VPS, the backups will be deleted 3 days after the termination of the contract.

4. Support

4.1. Virtual4Host retains the right to deny support to any customer requesting support outside of our hours of operation.

4.2. Abuse against our team will not be tolerated. The use of aggressive language, threats or offenses may lead to suspension or cancellation of your services.

5. DownTime

5.1. Virtual4Host reserves the right to interrupt its services for the necessary time, giving prior notice to the client, for maintenance operations and / or other types of interventions that it deems essential.

5.2. Virtual4Host reserves the right that if your server has a DDoS attack, it is not responsible.

5.3. Virtual4Host reserves the right that if your server has a brute force attack in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), it's not responsible but we can try help you! (Applied Services: VPS).

6. Configurations

6.1. After the configuration of the game servers has been completed, any changes made by the client / third parties to our settings, it is up to the client to correct them, because he automatically loses any support.

6.2. We won't change any compiled plugins from the server to another 'community'. After the configuration is done, the only support we have is for the 'community' with that name and only for the owner where the config was bought. No backup will be given, the client must make his own backups.

6.3. After the server is offline (no payment or it end project) all support will be canceled.

6.4. After the end of the configuration support service, the client has 15 days to return regulate their services, in case that doesen't happend in 15 days, they will need to pay the full price of the configurations to have that service back.

7. Refunds

7.1. In any situation, Virtual4Host provides a full or partial refund for our services. No refund will also be guaranteed in the event of abuse or breach of our terms of service and policies for using the service.

7.2. After payment, the customer has 3d to ask for their money back with a valid reason, the refund being partial. Allowed services: VPS, Minecraft, Bots, WEB (excluding domains), Game.

7.3. Virtual4Host maintains a 3-day refund policy (including the purchase date as the first day), as long as there is a genuine technical problem with the server that takes more than 48 hours to resolve.

7.4. When canceling a service with us, it is your responsibility to cancel any PayPal subscription linked to that service. Failure to do so will result in undue payments, which will be attributed to your credit balance. Overpayments are not refundable.

7.5. It is also the customer's responsibility to cancel the service before the expiration date if he does not wish to be charged or charged for it. Any refund request must be made through a ticket submitted by the Client Area in the 'Payments Department' section, cancellation requests are not refund requests.

8. DMA or Take Down

8.1. After receiving a take down request, we give 48h to the client to remove the content or the service from our jurisdiction, if there is no exercise, Virtual4Host permanently removes the content.

9. PolĂ­tica de Privacidade

9.1. At no time Virtual4Host will provide such data to third parties except when requested under legal orders.

9.2. The Virtual4Host privacy policy falls within the situations provided by applicable law.

10. Right of Admission

10.1. Virtual4Host reserves the right to refuse or cancel the provision or renewal of any service, being exempted from justification in its final decision. If the service is canceled after activation of the account, the amount will be returned to the client for the period paid for the account in question.

11. Conduct

11.1. The order of services implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

11.2. Virtual4Host reserves the right to change these Terms of Service, its products and services and respective prices / prices, whenever it seems necessary, without prior notice.

12. Website Construction

12.1. A full or parcial remotion of our brand, in websites developed by Virtual4Host, result in a full stop in possible and actual developments.

Last Update: February 26, 2020 at 10:30 AM